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Welcome to MobileExcellence

Our fundamental goal?

To create a perfect blend of opportunities where both candidates and companies thrive.

At MobileExcellence, we go beyond mere job placement - we unite ambitions people with great companies, bridging aspirations and building the future of work, together.

Working Together

Our Story

Founded in Romania in 2020, MobileExcellence was founded with a vision to transform and enhance the recruitment process.

With our HQ in Romania, our small but experienced team leveraged their extensive tech and recruitment knowledge to bridge gaps between candidates and companies. Emphasizing transparency and efficiency, we aimed to ensure that interviews were a positive journey for all. Our approach swiftly won us partnerships across small and large enterprises, both locally and within the EU. Today, we remain committed to our founding principle – creating optimal, mutually beneficial matches, fostering long-term partnerships, and transforming recruitment into a rewarding experience for all parties involved.

Companies we work with



Know us better

1. What does MobileExcellence specialize in?

MobileExcellence specializes in E2E project delivery and outsourcing services. We provide high-quality support for companies looking to get things done, as well as for candidates seeking work. 

2. What industries does MobileExcellence serve?

Our team has significant experience in the technology sector and we have filled a wide range of tech roles. However, we are capable of serving clients from various industries given our extensive experience in recruitment.

3. Does MobileExcellence handle both long-term and short-term placements?

Yes, while our business model focuses on long-term engagements, we are also available for shorter missions depending on our clients' needs.

4. Does MobileExcellence provide candidate assessments?

Yes, we can provide technical evaluations for each candidate if required. This ensures we find the most qualified individuals who are a perfect fit for our clients' needs.

5. What geographic areas does MobileExcellence serve?

While we are based in Romania, we have established partnerships with both small companies and large corporations in Romania and the European Union.

6. What is MobileExcellence's approach to the recruitment process?

We start with defining the needs of the client, fine-tune the interview process with the client, and then source quality candidates who are ready for the interview. We ensure maximum compatibility between both parties by maintaining regular contact with each candidate throughout the process.

7. What does MobileExcellence's support look like after a candidate is placed?

We offer continuous support to both our clients and candidates throughout the contract period and beyond. We maintain close connections and provide assistance as needed to ensure a successful engagement.

8. How does MobileExcellence ensure transparency in the recruitment process?

We provide detailed information about each candidate to our clients, explaining why they are a good fit for the job along with all other relevant data. Candidates are also kept fully informed about the position, including salary range, working conditions, and any other points of interest.

9. What makes MobileExcellence stand out from other recruitment agencies?

Our team's extensive tech know-how, our commitment to long-term engagements, and our dedication to transparency and continuous support set us apart. We are driven to provide the fastest results while ensuring the highest quality of hires.

10. How can I get started with MobileExcellence?

You can get in touch with us through our website. We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you.

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